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The solution for applying lightweight, natural-looking hair extensions to even the finest hair. 

The LUV-Light system's 1-to-1 method allows for the precise and seamless application of hair-to-hair bonding in 8 seconds. Designed for ease of use, it ensures a secure and invisible blend with the client's natural hair. You can add volume, highlights, or fill in hairlines in fragile areas or where hair is missing. 


The LUV-Light is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of professional hairstylists and will equip you to meet the needs of a broader client base, offering a solution that combines the art of hair extension with cutting-edge technology for unparalleled results.

fragile areas.png

Perfect for fragile areas and top of the head.

Add Highlights.png

Add Highlights.

Use with Beaded Weft.png

Combine with

our Beaded Wefts.

Lightweight &  Comfortable.png

Lightweight &



Free Certified Training & Stylist Support with LUV-Light purchase.

Any HAir.png

Use with Love Mia Beauty hair but work with other brands.

The LUV-Light

What hairstylists and clients love:
  • You can now fill in a hairline or the top of the head where we never could before! Bye-bye, toppers!

  • Lightweight individual strands

  • Removal is easy and gentle.

  • Use our LMB Beaded Wefts and/or what you currently use in your salon by cutting off the weft or the bonded tip.

  • Touch-ups every 4 weeks and will shed naturally.

  • Full head replacement every 3 months.

Before and after.png
LUV-Light LMB8.jpg
LUV-Light LMB5.jpg
LUV-Light LMB4.jpg
LUV-Light LMB3.jpg
LUV-Light LMB2.jpg
LUV-Light LMB1.png
LUV-Light LMB6.png
We Made Hair Extensions Easy! (1).png

Love Mia Beauty only sells to professional stylists and salons.
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